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Supporting Maths Progression

Personalized Maths Tutoring and online learning

Customized learning

Lessons are customised to meet individual child's needs either one-to-one or in small groups (maximum of 3)

Holistic approach

Learning is well rounded and approached taking child's individual progress into consideration.

Most children start with practice questions and progress onto challenge questions after which they can try real life applications

Affordable rates

Rates are standard and affordable depending on the age and key stage of learner.

Maths Junction

All age groups and abilities

from primary to A'level

Qualified for Maths learning and support from first day in primary school, to secondary and A' level.

you can visit our individual year group pages to see all the curriculum topics covered.

fully covered

Curriculum Topics

We cover the basic national curriculum topics and extend learning to include other aspects of Maths which we may consider beneficial to the child at different stages of their learning.

Key stage 1 

Nursery/Reception and Early Years

At this stage of learning in Maths, emphasis is learning through play. Topics include:

Counting, number recognition, shapes, colour, patterns, comparison, measurement, sorting and classifying, counting to solve problems, sequencing and more

Key stage 2


Maths at this level is taught using a variety of techniques in a fun learning environment. Topics include:

Number and place value, calculations with basic operators, fractions, decimals and percentages, ratio and proportion, shapes space and measure, algebra

Key stage 3 and 4


Key stage 3 is a secondary school phase but in key stage 4, students prepare for, and take their GCSE exams. Topics include:

Number, Algebra, geometry and measure, statistics and probability, reasoning and problem solving

Key stage 5


A-level mathematics is a two-year course that is often divided into two main components: Pure maths and Applied Maths.

Topics for pure maths include: Algebra; calculus; Trigonometry; coordinate geometry; exponentials and logarithms

Topics for applied Maths  statistics and mechanics

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We are around Old st. Mellons in Cardiff. You can send us a text message or email to book your place. We are available every evening via zoom and live depending on what you prefer and following recent guidelines.

Old St. Mellons, Cardiff 

07376 852369

Sun: Closed, Mon-Fri: 4:30pm -7:30pm pm, Sat: 10am-4 pm