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Mrs. Briggs'

Homework Sheets Year 3

Weekly worksheets to keep you practicing your Maths Skills

Spring Second Half Term -

Children can redo the worksheet, if it is not satisfactory

Number Work

Week 1: Reading and Writing Numbers

Week 2: Place Value

Week 3: Rounding

Week 4: Factors and Multiples

Week 5: Halving numbers

Cardinal and ordinal numbers, prime numbers, odd and even numbers

Week 6: Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Shape, Space and Measure

Week 3: Measuring length mass and volume

Week 4: Comparing and Ordering length mass and volume

Week 5: adding and subtracting length mass and volume:

Week 6: Telling Time and Time Duration

Week 7: 2D and 3D shapes

Week 8: lines and angles

Week 9: Money

Week 10: Temperature